Portland Oregon Meet Bre

Lovely to meet you.

Hi, my name is Bre. I am a native Portland Oregonian with a gypsy soul and relentless obsession to identify and maximize experiences through adventure and travel. You’ll find me with my third passport, outdoors mostly, behind a camera, in front of a plate of delicious eats or adventuring beside my beast of burden, Beatrix the doodle.

By nature, I ask A LOT of questions…hence the name ‘Brewildered.’  Questions help lead me to great discoveries like where to eat, sip, sleep and play across the world.  I believe TIME is our greatest asset and we all have diminishing amounts of it.  Therefore, I like to share my revelations and advice to help jump-start you on your journey to magical experiences while saving you time.  Think of it like travel and adventure CliffsNotes.

My greatest burning question was how to create a work/life balance where I could have a career I am proud of while satisfying my passion for travel and outdoor adventure; primarily surfing.  I have gratefully achieved my perfect balance and I will share some tips on that too.

I hope this blog inspires you to create and pursue your individual passion through travel, adventure, nature, and wellness. Get involved by leaving a comment or follow me on social media.

“This is a handsome life.”